Voices and Visions

Voices and Visions
Standing on the Bridge between Health and Disease

The 3rd Annual Juried Exhibition at The Art Center Highland Park
in Celebration of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October 5th – November 10th, 2012
Opening Reception: Friday, October 5th from 6:30-9:00pm

Voices and Visions 2012


Most people know someone who has been diagnosed with breast or ovarian cancer.  Women everywhere face the fear of diagnosis every year as they enter radiology for mammograms or doctors examinations.  This October, Caren Helene Rudman curates the exhibit “Voices and Visions: Standing on the Bridge between Health and Disease” at The Art Center – Highland Park, which gives voice to those affected by women’s health issues.

From October 5th through November 10th,The Art Center – Highland Park will host an exhibit of work which expresses the impact of dealing with breast or ovarian cancers.  Whether one has hereditary risk factors, is a carrier of the BRCA mutation, or has lived with or cared for a loved one who has endured women’s cancers, the work reflects the concerns brought about by the diseases.  A wall of statements written by women from across the country who have been affected by these diseases will address the question: How has cancer or the threat of cancer affected your life? Voices and visions  hope is to empower all of us who live on the bridge between health and disease.


New This Year, as a part of “Voices and Visions:

Radiant Courage – Masks of Healing

Thermoplastic face masks are used during radiation treatment for head and neck cancer to ensure correct daily positioning during radiation treatment.  Radiant Courage is a collaborative project between NorthShore University HealthSystem and TAC.  Masks donated from patients who have finished treatment will be transformed by local artists into art as an expression of the cancer experience and a celebration of survivoriship.The masks will be displayed as part of the Voices and Visions 2012 exhibition at The Art Center Highland Park opening Friday, October 5.

The masks  are a tangible representation of the hardship of cancer and the courage required on the part of each patient as they undergo treatment.  Radiant Courage seeks to externalize these experiences through the tangible masks, and thereby help everyone understand the powerful experience of cancer

Head and neck cancer and radiation therapy are thankfully experienced by few people.  However, this leads to limited awareness in the general public.  Radiant Courage, through the use of the masks which are known to few people, also seeks to increase general public awareness of head and neck cancer and radiation therapy.

Radiant Courage has been inspired by Courage Unmasked, and we thank founding artist and Head and Neck Cancer survivor Cookie Kerxton.


We are excited that the following artists are participating:

Artwork by Nina Frenkel

Artwork by Nina Frenkel

Adrienne Aaronson
Peter Agostina Demma
Dr. Elena Ashley
Patti Bartelstein
JoAnn Baumann
Grace Beitler
Colby Beutel
Geri Biamonte
Julianne F. Brand
Susan Cohen
Amy DeLap
Mignon Dupepe
Michelle Field
Linny Freeman
Michelle Field
Nina Frenkel
Chris Heisinger
Betty Heredia
Jill Hurwitz
Annette Jackson
Judith Joseph
Julie Koeing
Vicki Marchio
Chandrika Marla
Sandra Meagher
Ruit Modlin
Doris Monti
Michelle Murphy
Diane L. Nelson
Beth Palmer
Amy Perlmutter
Kenneth A. Probst
Caren Rudman
Marlena Rudman
Esther Triffler
Joanne Wells